Freddie, Year 11

I have completed grades 5,6, and 7 with Devon Drama, achieving a distinction in all three.
I have really enjoyed the lessons with Gerald and Lucia, and in particular I have enjoyed working on pieces in great detail. I believe that the skills I have learnt during my time with Gerald and Lucia have also helped me achieve good grades in my recent English Literature GCSE.
My passion for drama has been ignited, and last November I auditioned for, and won, a drama scholarship to Wellington College, Berkshire. I am looking forward to taking Grade 8 LAMDA during the next academic year.

Parent – Totnes

I cannot praise the LAMDA drama work enough. Each year our son has a performance and takes a LAMDA exam following the regular drama sessions he attends. Our son has autism and the LAMDA drama work has given him such an inner confidence and he loves the sessions. He says he wants to be an actor when he is older. He is now very confident being on stage which has translated into a beautiful inner confidence throughout his life. Lucia and Gerald are wonderful teachers. He recently played a part in his secondary school play and I could instantly see the effect the LAMDA drama work has had on him, in that he had a great stage presence, was totally immersed in the character and spoke so clearly and eloquently. I would recommend the LAMDA drama work to any parent, it can truly change the life of your child.

Beth, aged 12

I really enjoy working with Gerald and Lucia. They are kind, supportive and knowledgeable. Since working with them, my posture, breathing, diction, voice projection, pacing and confidence have all improved immensely. This really supports my performance in the work I do with my youth theatre. I have enjoyed all the disciplines of LAMDA, but in particular, performing a duologue this year. I hope to continue to grade 8 (I’ve just finished grade 5) as I know the UCAS points will be really useful, and what’s more, I’m earning them doing something I love.

Parent, South Hams

My daughter has enjoyed working with Gerald and Lucia for 3 years and has just finished grade 5. During this time, we have seen a marked improvement in her stage presence, diction, pacing, voice projection and overall confidence. The UCAS points she will start to earn from now, are a real bonus, as she enjoys it so much, it doesn’t feel like work. I am happy to recommend Devon Drama.

Parent – Kingsbridge

LAMDA drama has built enormous confidence in my daughter. Even though she is already a confident young person, it has given her a more full and grounded type of confidence. The sort of confidence, I think it would be difficult to gain without doing something in public like drama. The lessons have been a source of enormous enjoyment and she has rehearsed so much before each performance and exam that it has stopped her from having as much “screen time” as she would normally have!

The LAMDA sessions have helped improve her ability to stand up to people who are trying to be dominant and drown her out!

I would definitely recommend LAMDA drama to other parents and children and my daughter has had about 6 friends join her for lessons since she began them 4 years ago. I think the lessons are extremely valuable to pre-teens and teenagers to enhance their sense of themselves and their personal space and confidence as they enter a challenging age.

Mr Nigel Home; Head Master, Bendarroch School

A parent and three teenagers from the same family in Dartington, who have all been doing LAMDA drama for more than 6 years talk about it:-

Tabitha: LAMDA gives me confidence, poise and clarity. I have enjoyed it right up to Grade 8 and had a go at all the disciplines. Duologue acting is my favorite.

Henry: Gives me an edge! And UCAS points!

Fred: I have gained confidence and achievement.

Parent: Gerald and Lucia are excellent teachers, experienced and adept at matching the student with the pieces they study. LAMDA helps enormously with GCSE English and gives students a wider literary knowledge. Students attain excellent presentation skills, invaluable in later life.

Gerald joined Bendarroch School six years ago as a peripatetic teacher of Speech and Drama, preparing children for LAMDA examinations. Drama has always been popular at our school, but it is a measure of Gerald’s success that his classes were attended by almost the entire school and in this year’s LAMDA examinations all results received so far have been Distinctions or Merits.

Gerald brings vitality and humour to his classes and inspires the children to achieve standards of which they would never have believed themselves capable. These standards are evidenced each year in the school’s annual Shakespeare production; as the director I have become aware of the children’s greatly improved sensitivity to the demands of the stage, their greater understanding of what is required, of how it can be achieved. This I attribute exclusively to the time they have spent with Gerald; he is a very gifted, very energetic, very inspirational teacher, greatly liked and respected by all at our school teachers, pupils and their parents.

Helena – Year 9

LAMDA classes with Gerald and Lucia have boosted my confidence. The difference in my diction and clarity of speech is noticeable, and as an added bonus, it has improved my posture. I enjoy these classes a lot, and my whole family get involved in my acting when I practise. Some great constructive debates have resulted. Imagine my pleasure at being the centre of attention!

I am impressed by Gerald and Lucia’s patient, knowledgeable and straightforward teaching style. My Distinction for Grade 5 Prose was a wonderful result, and down to my great teachers.

Gemma – Year 7

I have been doing lamda for 5 years and I am doing grade 4. During the sessions, Anna, my drama partner and I do tongue and lip exercises and vocal warm ups. The exercises are really helpful and I have gained so much confidence because when I started I thought people would think that I looked silly. I don’t feel that any more. Mr Cox is a great teacher and has helped me improve a great deal.

Josh – Year 6

My voice has got a lot more powerful. The exams are a bit of a pressure but fun. The hard work pays off. I feel a lot more confident about speaking in front of people.

Sabena – Year 8

For the last 4 years I have had LAMDA lessons with Mr Cox and I have enjoyed every lesson thoroughly. As I continue with LAMDA I can feel myself growing in confidence, I have learnt to communicate with confidence and clear diction, especially when I talk to adults. I wish to carry on with LAMDA because it will give me valuable UCAS points for getting into University.

Parent – Harbertonford

Our daughter has been taught by Gerald from Year 5 to (current) Year 8. She has recently achieved Grade 5 but the benefits extend beyond the grades. Drama lessons have enhanced her confidence at all levels. This is evident in the way in which she engages and expresses herself with peers, at school and with adults. She thoroughly enjoys the sessions and the subsequent application of diction and presentation techniques at home and school. I would recommend the drama lessons to all.

Rosie – Year 8

I have been doing LAMDA exam work for 4 years, and I feel that it has improved my confidence a lot. Working at school my teachers have recognized I do drama, just by the way I talk and present myself and I have also been elected class representative for the School Council, because of my confidence and skill at talking in front of others. I have enjoyed it greatly and hope to continue for a long time!! I just got 40 UCAS points for a Distinction in my Grade 6 Acting exam.

Parent – Totnes

My daughter has been involved with LAMDA drama for a few years; she started at primary school and has continued into secondary school. Through her experience of reading scripts, prose and poems to perform I have noticed that she has developed excellent reading comprehension. In order to read with expression she needs to understand the content. I think she has learned to actively search literature she reads to find meaning.

I think my daughter’s LAMDA experience has helped her understand and analyze how to appeal to an audience. She has gained the confidence to prepare a presentation and deliver it with gusto. She used these skills to be elected class representative on the School Council. I think the ability to present oneself, issues and ideas with confidence and expression is tremendously important in any job or profession.

Gerald develops excellent relationships with the children. In adolescence teenagers can become acutely self-conscious. They trust Gerald and are encouraged to work with him to overcome this barrier for their LAMDA work. The children benefit by learning to challenge their ‘demons’, value self-belief and to try to overcome self-consciousness.

Annie Massey – Parent

My daughter has been doing LAMDA Drama for over 5 years; she started at primary school and has continued into secondary school. Introducing primary school children to drama allows them to develop their voice, diction and overall performance skills. They explore their individuality, creative movement and also learn to work as a team. Children delve into the world of literature using their imaginations.

I have seen shy and quiet children become more confident and creative. Drama educates at many levels and is a form of self-development. In my opinion it is of tremendous value as it is the closest children get to learning how to live in the future world of adults, where they will have to work, co-operate, lead and be heard in all sorts of different situations. Drama classes appeal to children because they are fun. Children gain confidence through performing in front of their peers. Their confidence increases when they then perform in front of a wider audience of friends and family.

Stuart – Year 9

I have been doing LAMDA for a few years now, and I am currently taking my grade 6 exam. At grade 6, students can start earning UCAS points. The maximum number of UCAS points you can earn for Acting at grades 6 is 40, as grade 7 is 55 and at grade 8 is 65 points. If you take a Verse and Prose exam as well as an Acting exam, you can earn 130 UCAS points. LAMDA is a wonderful experience for anyone who is into drama. It helps you develop your acting skills and, with the right teacher, your vocal skills as well.

LAMDA has helped me gain confidence in my acting and my singing, through vocal exercises and character analysis. I enjoy LAMDA greatly. It gives me a chance to express myself through acting a character, work on my skills and hang around with my friends. My teacher, Gerald Cox, has been a great help to me throughout my time doing LAMDA work.

Rosie – Year 10

“I have been doing LAMDA exam work for 4 years, and I feel that it has improved my confidence a lot. I just got 75 UCAS points for a Distinction in my Grade 8 Acting exam.”

Mr Nigel Home; Head Master, Bendarroch School

“Gerald is a very gifted, very energetic, very inspirational teacher, greatly liked and respected by all at our school teachers, pupils and their parents.”

Stuart – Year 11

“LAMDA has helped me gain confidence in my acting and my singing, through vocal exercises and character analysis. I enjoy LAMDA greatly.”

Parent – Harbertonford

“Our daughter has been taught by Gerald and Lucia from Year 5 to Year 10. She has recently achieved Grade 6 Acting but the benefits extend beyond the grades. Drama lessons have enhanced her confidence at all levels. I would recommend LAMDA drama lessons to all.”

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