For younger children (Years 1 to 5/6) HALF AN HOUR A WEEK is effective. As young people become more mature they often have ONE HOUR EVERY TWO WEEKS. This cuts down on travel time for parents. Lessons take place in term time, at the weekends or after school.

The cost per pupil is £8.00 per half hour (£16.00 per hour). There are usually six hours of sessions in the Autumn and Summer terms and five hours in the Spring term. Fees are paid in advance at the beginning of each term.

Rosie – Year 10

“I have been doing LAMDA exam work for 4 years, and I feel that it has improved my confidence a lot. I just got 75 UCAS points for a Distinction in my Grade 8 Acting exam.”

Mr Nigel Home; Head Master, Bendarroch School

“Gerald is a very gifted, very energetic, very inspirational teacher, greatly liked and respected by all at our school teachers, pupils and their parents.”

Stuart – Year 11

“LAMDA has helped me gain confidence in my acting and my singing, through vocal exercises and character analysis. I enjoy LAMDA greatly.”

Parent – Harbertonford

“Our daughter has been taught by Gerald and Lucia from Year 5 to Year 10. She has recently achieved Grade 6 Acting but the benefits extend beyond the grades. Drama lessons have enhanced her confidence at all levels. I would recommend LAMDA drama lessons to all.”

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