LAMDA Performance Exams Compliment GCSE and A’ Level Drama

LAMDA exam work enhances and compliments GCSE and A’ Level work. For Grades 6 to 8 valuable UCAS points can be earnt for University. You will see from the UCAS University Points Table on this site, that it is possible to earn up to 65 UCAS points (equivalent to an A’ Level) from one exam.

LAMDA exams can help young people to get excellent results for their GCSE and A’ Level Drama exams. LAMDA exam work develops GCSE and A’ Level curriculum work by improving performance and presentation skills. Technical skills such as good diction, voice projection, breath control, good posture, controlled gesture and movement are all required to pass LAMDA exams, particularly Grades 6 to 8. It is often difficult in large drama classes to work with individual students on these technical skills. Such work is an integral part of LAMDA exam preparation and is more easily done in smaller groups.

It is also easier to work on detailed character studies and close examination of key passages in plays with fewer people. It is very helpful for students to select their LAMDA solo or duologue acting pieces from the texts that they are working on for their GCSE or A’ Level. Both text and performance work done for GCSE and A’ Level is developed and enhanced by the LAMDA work. Young people can ‘kill two birds with one stone’ by earning UCAS points and increasing their chances of attaining higher grades in their GCSE or A’ level.